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Turnaround 4-6 Weeks

Outside Waistband Holster w/Light Outside Waistband Holster Paddle Holster w/Light Paddle Holster Strut Holster AP Holster HPG Holster HPG Holster w/Light Double Mag Holster Outside Waistband Single Mag Inside Waistband Single Mag

Contact! Concealment is excited to bring to the public what many of our close LEO, SWAT, and SOF friends have been experiencing because of their relationship with the staff.  At C!C the craftsmanship, R&D, quality control, and rigorous testing process breeds a holster system that they trust deployed around the world as soldiers, instructors and working professionals.

Contact! Concealment makes professional grade custom Kydex holsters that are hard-use, durable and concealable. Our products are individually hand crafted by military and law enforcement veterans that EDC themselves.

Contact! Concealment Holsters are used everyday by SOF personnel, SWAT, ERT, SRT, Special Crimes Units, Uniformed LEO’s, Competitors and Everyday Citizen CCW Permit carriers.

Our holsters are made from 100% American manufactured materials, using .08 Kydex for the holsters and magazine holders, .125 Kydex for belt loops for maximum durability and stability. A-Grade rivets, steel black oxide Chicago Screws and Slotted Binding Posts creating a consistent drawing/hard use holster.

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