Just want you to know that after a little over a year (369 days?) the holster is holding up great. It functions the same as it did as they day I received it. The weapon still fits snug after many draws (although not as many as some will put them through I imagine). Also interesting is there is little to no wear on the weapon. I've wore this weapon in this holster for 365 days of that 369 (I suspect 367 but I threw two days wiggle room in there) at a rate of at least 2 hours and up to 18 hours a day. I was thoroughly impressed the day I received the holster and nothing has changed.

Thank you for your work Bruce,
Mark D

Brief review of a Contact! Concealment holster for my 1911 gov and X300:
I got back recently from a New Mexico archery bear hunt, during which I wore the holster every minute from out of bed to back in bed, carrying a full size 10mm with a surefire X300. I've carried a 1911/light for more hours than my back likes to remember in Law Enforcement and day to day activities. This holster is the most comfortable of this type holster I've found.
So for those of you who have never hunted bear with dogs, here is the routine:
You get up at unreasonable times (normal hunting day so far), get three pretty full size guys into an extended cab Chevy Z71 (the old ones where there in enough room for two people and a goldfish), and drive to the hunting area, which in the case was Lincoln National Forest. I began to appreciate to holster during this exercise the first day. I was so crammed into the front seat that had the airbag deployed, I'd have broken my face with my own knees.
With the holster set to ride as low as it would, there was very minimal discomfort from the pistol hitting my lowest rib. I could have fixed it by raising the holster ride, but that interfered with my pack, so I just dealt with it.

You've got dogs in a dog box and a couple on top of it as you drive though canyons on bumpy roads waiting for the dogs to smell a bear. When that happens, you un-ass the truck and chase the dogs up a mountain. The first chase, where my buddy got his bear, was .8 miles by the GPS with 2400 ft elevation gained. Probably add another .5 due to terrain obstacles and up and down.
We started climbing through scrub oak brush that raked at you and anything you had on you. This stuff was chest high and so thick it looked like you were looking across a carpet, and you couldn't see your feet. Lots of crawling under the canopy involved here. I was very concerned that a limb was going to strip my gun out of the holster in there, but it never budged.

Once we got out of that, we were on a rockslide too loose for anything to grow on. I fell here once or twice. The good part is there were plenty of deadfalls (old fallen pines), to stop your slide. That's a fun way to climb, by the way, where you plan your route as much by what is below you to stop you from dying when you fall as by what's above you to climb. Much of this is on grades of probably close to 65 degree slope and done by pulling up saplings as much as with your legs.

I'm frequently checking my holster and pistol. I've carried in these type holsters before, and my experience has been that if it's loose enough to draw smoothly, your gun will work it's way out during mild exertion. We were past that. My pistol was always seated firmly. This was always reassuring; the gun was new and expensive, and we were going to try and kill a mad bear with a pointy stick.

Within sight of the top of the rock slide, I was to exhausted to do much walking around obstacles. I was pretty much going straight through whatever was in my way. This is where I stepped into a deadfall, onto a loose rock, and became upside down, hanging from my left leg. It was quick, violent, and sucked. Pistol never budged. I lost about half the stuff I had in my pockets, my pack flipped around like one of those backwards papoose baby carriers that dads who have resigned themselves to motherhood use, and my hat was twenty feet down the mountain, but my pistol was still with me. I rested here, figuring that the blood rushing to my head was bringing oxygen.
When I untangled from that, the worst was over. We got to the bear, my buddy put an arrow in him, and the bear bailed out of the tree, base jumper style. The pistol came out as smoothly as it had on my nice flat range. The bear went the other way after my buddy put another arrow in him, so I didn't get to try out 10mm on bear, but that's ok.
That was one of five such chases we did. Some were steeper. Some were so much thicker with that scrub oak I considered trying to slither across the top like a snake. At one point, I was on steeper and looser ground AND in that thick nasty oak. That was horrible, but nothing I got into could dislodge my pistol.
So everyone now knows that your gun is not accidentally coming out of the holster. Cool. Doesn't do you much good if your gun is protected by the holster as they both bounce down the mountain because the belt loops broke, does it?  Kydex starts to whiten in stress points where the material is flexing. There are no such marks on this holster. I fact, the only mark on it is where I used the gun and holster for a sled on my unintentional partial decent down one of the previously mention rock slides. Leather would have worn through to the gun, but the kydex is just scuffed.
It was raining almost every day also, so add mud to the mix, but that was such a non issue compared to the other tribulations that holster overcame, it's just an afterthought in the review. No rust in the holster's hardware, which received zero preventative maintenance. It's obvious Bruce put a lot of though into his product, down to the basic components.
At the end of that six day hunt, everything hurt. What was lacking was that cramping, stinging twinge in my lower right back that everyone who has carried heavy guns in poor holsters knows. This is by far the best carrying holster for a 1911 I've ever owned.
If I ever get back onto a computer instead of iPad, I'll post photos. However, until then, look through the albums on here and find the 1911/x300 coyote and OD two tone holster. That's mine. - Wes C.
I have had my Contact! Concealment Holsters and Magazine pouches for a couple of weeks now. I am beyond impressed with the quality of the product not to mention the functionality. I am a current Police Academy Instructor former SWAT Team Member with 20 years in the Army and with more than a few combat tours under my belt. I have used several holsters throughout the years and I have never been happier with a product than I am with this one! - Randall H.
I bought a kydex holster from some other company a while ago, it is an outside carry with the m3 light. I just got an appendix carry holster from Contact Concealment and I love it, easy concealment and comfortable. I also bought a double magazine holder and when I wear it I forget I have it on because it is do comfortable. If your looking for a holster for easy concealment and a magazine holder I highly recommend them. 
Thank you Contact Concealment! - Jason H.
Okay gang, after all the discussion about leather carry for me due to it being quiet, I have the inside the waistband holster for my XD-9 4", and a 2 mag holster for the left. The built in detante keep the pistol still, close, and extremely comfortable. Even with a smaller t-shirt and shorts it has a good 33% more concealment against my body than the leather holster. I f you were running, riding, jumping, you would not lose your pistol, but the draw is not tough at all. When adrenaline is pumping that pistol is going to be right out anyway. I'm being totally honest when I say this is the finest concealment gear I have owned. Being a shooter for most of my life has put a lot of fine stuff in front of my eyes, but Bruce's gear is top notch, you have my word... - Major Don "Lash" Larue
This holster is amazing, the best one I have ever owned. I wear it all day at work and home and distributes the weight of the gun with ease. - Booey50
Excellent retention, weight distribution, straight draw. Holster even has a notched or beveled area to keep the manual safety activated. Holster keep weapon close to body, no top heavy "sag". (I have enough of that already)
Totally pleased. It works. Enough said.  - Kevin U
The gear is top notch stuff and professional... - Paul H
Outstanding equipment!! I've served 5 years in the Army and 21 years in Law Enforcement, Contact! Concealment combined quality with functionality to perfection! I'm hooked! - Royce W.

Just got the rig. Absolutely bad ass!! I'm telling you, xxxxxxxxx can't hold a candle to your product. I'm afraid I may have found my new gear that I will need one of everything/every gun I have. I will be getting a list together and placing another order. You really have a quality product. Thank you so much. -  Mike H.
Got the holster I ordered yesterday, ran it today at the range...outstanding piece of gear. Very comfortable to wear and had no problem making time standards from the draw. Thanks for the great product! - Eric M.